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Duplicate copy of a City of Houston Certificate of Occupancy

     A duplicate City of Houston Certificate of Occupancy is similar to a name change in that they both require an inspection by a City of Houston building inspector. The following must also apply:

             1. There business location has a certificate of occupancy on file with the City of Houston.

             2. There are not any code violations due to a previous occupancy inspection that have not been corrected.

3. There are not any holds placed upon the property by the City of Houston that cannot be released by meeting with city officials.

If your location meets the above qualifications we can file the paperwork the next business day.

After we file the required certificate of occupancy paperwork we will deliver your duplicate certificate permit to you the same day. The following day after the paperwork is filed a building inspector will inspect your location and if everything is up to code the inspection will pass. If the inspection does not pass it will be due to a building code violation(s).

After the inspector passes your project it will take a day or two for the city to issue your new certificate of occupancy. When it is ready to be released by the city we will pick up the certificate and deliver back to you the same day.    

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