Building Change of Use

We get your Certificate of Occupancy fast!

 We can save you thousands of dollars over what architect and engineering firms charge.

If you want to save time and money on performing a Building Change of Use give us a call.

Working with architectural/engineering firms can be extremely  frustrating especially when you are trying to get something done quickly. In today's Houston economy these firms are loaded up with work from their regular customers let alone any new clientele. Along with having to wait longer than necessary for things to be accomplished they  generally charge a premium for their services.

We produce all the required drawings and file all required forms and paperwork for plan review. 

We are able to produce a City of Houston Building Change of Use/Occupancy Change package to submit to the City of Houston far quicker and less expensive than any architectural and engineering firm.

If time is of the essence do not hesitate to call to discuss further.

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