New Certificates of Occupancy/Occupancy Permits

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      If you happen to be opening a new location and your City of Houston Certificate of Occupancy/Occupancy Permit classification does not match the occupancy classification that the city has on file for the last certificate issued for that address you will be required to have a full inspection performed.

     The city will always require a full inspection for an address that has never been issued a certificate of occupancy before. They will even at times require a full inspection when it has been several years since the last certificate was issued in order to update the information in the system.

     Certificates of occupancy/occupancy permits are not transferable from one location to another.

     With a full inspection the city will send out a structural, electrical, mechanical and plumbing inspector who will each perform their own inspections. An inspection date is given once the paperwork is filed. This date is usually two to three weeks out from the time of filing. Generally within a week of the inspection an Occupancy Inspection Report will be mailed to the owner. This report will list all the code violations that need to be corrected before a certificate will be issued. You are given 180 days (6 months) to correct all violations. Once the violations are corrected and pass re-inspection the city will issue a certificate of occupancy. We will then pick up and deliver your certificate to you. 


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